Meet Derrick Williams

Get to know Derrick Williams – The Newest Preventia Senior Tech! Derrick Williams is a family man, musician, and self-proclaimed ‘bad golfer’.   Derrick has been working in the security industry since December 15, 2008.  When asked about working in the security industry, he said something peculiar.  “You know, I’ve never been in an attic […]

5 Tips to Vacation-Proof Your Home

It’s summertime and that means it’s time for vacations! Whether it’s a sandy beach or a bustling city, summer vacations are an opportunity for creating memories. One memory you don’t want is coming home to find you’ve been burglarized! Here are 5 tips to help keep your home safe and secure while you’re away on […]

Home Security Tip for UNDER $5

Home security in Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama is becoming more and more important. Here is a quick tip to help make your doors stronger to prevent burglars. If you prefer video here is a quick video – Secure This Season CHALLENGE:  Grab your drill and take a quick walk around your home. Check out […]

Garage Door Security

Secure This Season CHALLENGE:  Today we have teamed up with Bill Yuss of Pro Door Doctor to offer you 4 quick tips to secure your garage/shop! Master Lock Be sure to lock your garage from the inside with a master lock. This will prevent the garage door wide enough for the burglar to escape with […]

How to Pick the Right Video Surveillance System

At Preventia Central Monitoring we have installed or serviced more types of video surveillance systems (camera systems) than any company should have to deal with. Even though they all have similar components, the variety and differences between each will surprise you. Over the last ten years we have narrowed our offerings based on all the […]

Preventia Central Monitoring Security Earns Resideo Pro Dealer of the Year

2020 is not a year that we will soon forget. Of course, COVID-19 will always be the biggest talking point in history, but here at Preventia Cental Monitoring we have many other things to celebrate. One of those is the recognition from Resideo (Honeywell Home) as the Resideo Pro Dealer of the Year! Our core […]

Garage Security – Automation

Garages and shops are obvious targets for unwanted visitors to come take what they want when you aren’t around.  These burglars find easy ways to get in, such as breaking a window or getting through the side door.  Another easy thing to open is your garage door.  That’s right, your overhead door actually isn’t as […]

The Unexpected Benefits of Installing Preventia Central Monitoring

Investing in a security system was not on my to-do list this year.  I thought it was a luxury that someday maybe I would consider.  To give you a spoiler alert, I installed a security system and I want to explain the unexpected benefits I enjoy now. What motivated me to install Preventia Central Monitoring? […]

The Total Connect App by Resideo

So you have officially installed your Resideo smart home security system! Congratulations. Today we want to walk you through the features of the Total Connect App. You can use this app to arm and disarm your system, check the activity on your cameras & even set up geofencing capabilities. Oh, and by the way… you […]

What are the components of a home security system?

Your home’s security system is what you make of it. Everyone has different preferences and priorities! When you call Preventia Central Monitoring, we will send a licensed security consultant to your home so that you can discuss your family’s specific needs. While they are there, they will take a look at your home and point […]