Fire Safety

Fire is one of the most devastating events that any business can experience. It destroys inventory and future business opportunities, and is financially draining.

Preventia Central Monitoring specializes in fire alarm inspections and 24/7 UL Alarm Monitoring to keep your business safe.

Our Certified Technicians are familiar with local codes, standards, and ordinances. Preventia Central Monitoring is the only UL Central Station in SW Georgia and the only local company able to provide UL Certificates for Fire and/or Burglary.

UL Commercial Design & Monitoring

Preventia Central Monitoring can assist in the design of fire alarm systems, from simple repair solutions, to existing system upgrades, to compete new systems in new construction. It’s important to ensure that your fire alarm, detection, and warning systems are specified correctly to meet both local and state codes.

Preventia Central Monitoring is UL Listed for Fire Alarms and Central Station Burglary. We can design and install a UL Certified Fire system and provide a UL Certificate for monitoring to your insurance provider.

Fire Inspection Reports & Reminders

Fire Alarm Inspections can be performed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually in compliance with your insurance requirements and local fire codes. It’s important to have your inspections performed by our Certified Technicians that understand the local codes, standards and ordinances. You will receive a detailed inspection report for your records, your insurance provider, and for local fire department inspectors.

24/7 Certified Technicians

Preventia Central Monitoring is here to serve you to keep your fire protection system running smoothly and reactivated quickly in the event of an emergency. Our Certified Technicians are available 24/7 should your system breakdown unexpectedly.

We will provide you with fast response, courteous service, and experienced professionally trained technicians. Hands down the best service you can ask for.

Easily Switch to Central Monitoring

Preventia Central Monitoring specializes in reusing your existing fire system. You can easily save hundreds of dollars per year when switching your monitoring to our UL Central Station and switching to fire inspections by Central Monitoring Certified Technicians.

Save money annually AND have Preventia Central Monitoring’s Certified Technicians available for emergency repairs 24/7.

Central Monitoring