Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras are more affordable than ever, but there is a dizzying array of cameras available.

How do you know which camera is best for you?
How many do you need?
Where should you put them for best coverage?
Will my camera withstand weather conditions?
Is there a warranty?
Will it have a good picture?
Is it a quality camera that will last?

Preventia Central Monitoring can guide you through these decisions.

Return on Investment

The cost of your camera surveillance system is easily balanced against several benefits. Potential benefits include reduced theft, reduced vandalism, increased employee productivity, and increased security for your staff and customers.

The greatest value of all for a business owner or manager is Peace of Mind. Know what is going on in your business even when you are away.

You can even review and save recordings to investigate or confirm theft, damage, or injury. You will be able to provide video evidence to you police department.

Remote Viewing

Do you want to know what is going on at your business when you aren’t there? You can view your security cameras ANYTIME from ANYWHERE with any smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC. You can view live or view playback.

Additional options are available:

Receive email notifications for pre-selected events.
HEAR what’s going on with the addition of a microphone.

Professional vs. DIY

The biggest appeal of Do It Yourself cameras is the lower cost.

Does the lower cost really offset the commercial camera quality, clarity of picture, professional installation and training? Can a Do It Yourself camera system be expanded to grow with your business needs? Do you know which camera to use in each application?

Professional Camera Systems have commercial quality cameras that last longer, are more reliable with a Honeywell backed warranty, and have a much higher definition picture. Your Professional Camera System installation will include trained and experienced technicians, and is custom designed to meet your company’s needs and growth.

Before you make a decision, talk to a Preventia Central Monitoring representative!

Custom Designed, Installed & Maintained

Preventia Central Monitoring understands that  repackaged security camera systems commonly found in big box stores just don’t meet the demands of real-world situations.

After discussing your priorities and budget, we can design a commercial grade system that meets your unique needs and allows for future growth.

During your professional installation we will sight the cameras in and adjust them as you request. Last, we will set up the remote view access to your system and provide comprehensive training.

For a low monthly fee, an optional Camera Maintenance plan is available that provides inspection, maintenance, cleaning, and refocusing.

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