Let's make your home safer for under $5!

1.) Remove the existing screws from your doors strike plate.

2.) Replace with 3-inch Phillips head wood screw.

3.) Sleep better at night!

Here are other inexpensive ways to secure your home!

Home Security

Preventia Central Monitoring offers the latest in security technology to keep you safe. Let us protect your home and family with the latest products and services from Honeywell, the world leader in security technology. Our offerings can fit your budget, your lifestyle, and your needs.

If It's Happening In Your Home,
It's Happening On Your Phone.

Turn off the lights. Lock the doors. Adjust the temperature. Check on the kids. Even tell the dog to stop chewing on the sofa leg through a 2-way-speaker camera. When it comes to protecting your home and your family, Preventia Central Monitoring allows you to stay connected at all times. 

Be there. Even when you can’t.

Home Security Services

Already Have a Security System?

Make your old system new when you switch your service to Preventia Central Monitoring. In most cases we can work with the existing system installed in your home. You can also update to the latest in security and automation technology. Call for a free system inspection. While our service technician is on site, he will test each device to ensure it is working properly and walk through the system with you to ensure you are familiar with how it works. There is no charge to switch, so contact us today! 
Installing the Latest Technology From